The cover art of Exclusive My personal Artwork purchased here is available and ready for cover, either Novel or CD cover and Poster, all images / stock are licensed and included in price,  can be discussed at the beginning of negotiations and agreements in the price, please contact me if you are interested at : 

I will gladly reply message as soon as possible
Thank you!

Price The art of cover each varies, the offer please by email

This price reflects exclusive use. I will not sell this cover anymore after it’s been sold.

Browse through each of our Artworks and choose the one you like!



A Maximum of one week for Booking artwork, artwork will be installed and re-offered if it has past the booking period, for more please read the FAQ

Artworks Description

  • Cover size: 1700 × 2400 pixels - 3508 x 2480 pixel /JPEG - 300 dpi.

  • •This cover is sold at the size described.

  •   Please Select the available artwork, specify numbers on available artwork (your choice)

  • Upon purchasing, please send me

  1. Author & Publisher: Title of the Book and the name of your author.

  2. Band or Record label: Logo Band and Album Title CD

  • The type of fonts and colors may change upon request.

  • If any artwork is available you want the change I will charge according to the costum work  level, please be advised

  • Make sure the text and color fonts you like, I do not charge anything for this revision

  • All my covers are subject to some credit conditions, my name as cover artist and  model  as well  (In case the image contains a model photo) if needed, and I will  give the names after buying.

  • This cover will only be sold to a single customer.

If you have any questions contact me:


Artwork progress

  • Creating initial concepts usually takes about 1 to 4 business days and this is the most exciting part of the design project. Once the draft cover design is ready, you will receive a preview image  of each.

Final Output

  • Once the cover has been approved, I will send your cover file via email (shared folder link) For all

  • Final artwork, you will get a 300 DPI JPEG file. and also I will send you a file for promotional purposes, and once you will receive a PDF cover file to upload. to print



  • 1.. Upon receipt of full payment, Sabercore23ArtStudio provides an exclusive license to the client to use the final artwork art (PDF,     JPEG or other ready-made format) for ART WORKS and related promotional materials.

  • 2. The Client understands that he has no right to change the final closing design in any way except to resize for printing or digital display. If the client wants a change, he will consult me. The client understands that additional payments may be required to make this change. If clients want to purchase rights to the editable and raw PSD files used for their project creation, they can purchase them at an additional cost to discuss with me.


  • 3. SaberCore23ArtStudio retains the right to use the latest artwork design in SaberCore23ArtSudio portfolio to market and promote our services. SaberCore23ArtStudio retains the copyright and ownership of all designs and designs.


  • 1.SaberCore23Art requires design credit The cover artwork appears in the client book, If allowed (either on the back cover or in the copyright page) such as: "Artwork by © SaberCore23ArtStudio"


  • 1.Only the title and name of the author can be changed on the premade cover.

  • 2.Draft version of premade cover with new title and name will be given to client for copy inspection.


  • 1.Full payment is required upfront 50% for all premade cover designs, as a token of work agreement, and to put your  name on my work list

  • 2.The Client agrees to pay a non-refundable advance deposit of half the total cost to book their premises and before work will commence on a special cover project. The rest is due to the final book cover design approval. I will not release completed files to clients or other parties until the last payment has been received. Final payment is also the final approval of the project, and this contract will be deemed fulfilled and thus, terminated. I have the right to terminate, suspend or suspend services for any account if payment is not paid for the contracted work in accordance with the order specified in this agreement.

  • 3.SaberCore23ArtStudio reserves the right to reinstate unused mockets for sale as premades. I also reserve the right to  redesign the design where the final payment has not been paid within a certain period of time approved by me and the Client.

  • Accept Payment can be via Paypal or International Bank



Paypal Account :


--------------------OR -------------------





     Wendy M Effendi

        Bank Central Asia (BCA)

       SWIFT Code :  041 - CENAIDJA


  • 1.This Agreement is an agreement of all parties. No additional, written or oral promises or conditions, apply to this agreement not included herein.

© 2018 by Wendy Muchlis/sabercore23art

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